The Always Evolving App is verything you need to break a new PR. It contains well balance strength program, and the ability to closely monitor your progress. In the app you can log your training, find macro friendly recipes, view exercise tutorials and chat with the community.

Always Evolving represents the passion and perseverance you put into getting stronger!

Never trained with RPE before? No problem, watch this video and learn as you go

Individualized Programs and Coaching Collaborations

I offer a limited number of spots for Coaching Collaborations. Working together we will build a tailored program for you to reach your goals in the most effective way! Working together we make sure that you not only get the appropiate program, but also that you continously learn and develop as a lifter.

Please e-mail if you are interested.

10 years

of experience as an international athlete. Coached lifters with the Always Evolving mindset to reach the World Stage level within the sport. Coached +50 international medals and +10 IPF world records.