Gustav Hedlund - Champion of Champions Program - Sheffield 2024

Gustav Hedlund - Champion of Champions Program - Sheffield 2024

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Once purchased you will be sent a download link with a zip file for the program and e-book. This can be opened on your phone or computer. 

February 10th 2024 Gustav Hedlund was crowned the Powerlifting Champion of Champions by winning the SBD Sheffield Powerlifting Championships. The event invites the stars of the sport in every weight class to battle it out for the title of champion of champions and a slice of the largest prize fund in powerlifting history to date.

This training program and accompanying e-book gives you unprecedented insight into the program, methods, and underlying principles to his success. The product includes:

  • Gustav Hedlund Champion of Champions Program - A 16 week program in 3 training blocks leading up to winning Sheffield 2024. Program is delivered in excel format.
  • An in depth PDF e-book describing the principles and methods underpinning the program and how you should make the most out of the program.

I hope this program and e-book will inspire you to get stronger. The principles and methods described are generic and can be applied on any lifter in order to get stronger; however, please keep in mind that Gustav's training program is individually developed for his experience and need as an athlete. 


The program can be purchased in the webshop or in the AE Power App. Purchasing either will not give you access to the other:

  • Purchase in Webshop (Pay ones, keep forever) - you will get the program in excel format, along with the e-book, to keep forever. You can log your training in the excel and follow the program as many times as possible. Recommended for lifters only interested in this program or coaches who want's to get insight into Gustav's training.  
  • Purchase in App (Pay monthly or yearly) - you will be able to access the program as long as you subscribe to the app. You also get access to all other functions and programs in the app. Recommended if you want to follow my programs long term and get access to more logging functions. Find the app here.